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Inspection Services

Provide the skilled Experts. Our Technical Experts includes:
  • Project Managers 
  • Mechanical / Electrical/ Instrumentation/ Civil/Chemical engineers.
  • Planning / Cost estimation/Telecom &Network/Design Engineers.
  • AWS/CSWIP Inspectors
  • Coating & Painting Inspectors etc.

Why hire Lindinger Inspectors' Services?


Our clients often ask us this question ... Why is it that your engineers work better? Finally everyone must be recruiting from the same pool of engineers?

The answer is in the deep rooted processes, values and methodologies that we follow. The way we select our resources, the way we mould them, and the processes that keep them in check ... Here is a bit of secret revealed ...

This can as well be the answer to why Engineers from Lindinger!

  • Human resource research: There is a full department, with multiple offices meant to just do this. We have the best of the HR experts in our resourcing offices, working full time and keep looking for the best of the best resources ... Whether there is a requirement or not!
    This is done by regular advertising, interviewing, doing background checks etc. The pool of eligible candidates is maintained, and at any given time, this department strives to maintain good number of engineers in this pool
  • Receiving Requirement: Client gives requirement: We try our best to get all the possible details, the domain of experience, Industry, equipment/ material, years of experience required, any special requirements, any communication standards expected etc.
  • The technical team co-ordinates with the HR team, to select the best possible matches. In case the match is not the best possible, there is fresh search operation launched. We get the shortlisted candidates at this stage. The HR team explains the responsibility and checks with candidates if they are comfortable and willing to handle the responsibility. Preference is given to candidates who have done successful work with our organization before.
  • These short listed CVs are then shared with Client, and the Client then makes a decision and the person gets on board.
  • After receiving the mobilization advise from Client Quality Engineer, Lindinger inspector will be provided with an Inspection Assignment package by Client co-ordinator through Lindinger Quality Co-ordinator.
  • Inspection assignment package consists of,
    • A set of documents that include details of purchased material/equipment and their quality requirements needed to perform full inspection at the vendor/sub-vendor facility. The Inspection Assignment Package shall include the following documents: A complete copy of the Contractor’s unprized P.O, material requisition and attachments
    • Copies of Sub-Vendor’s applicable unprized P.O’s
    • Inspection requirements as specified in the applicable ITP
    • Inspection Test Plans
    • The inspection class of Contractor Inspection
    • Pre-inspection meeting agenda
    • Forms
  • The Inspection Assignment Package will generally be received from Client Quality Engineer via compact disc or ‘ftp’ link and include the contact details of the Client Quality Engineer.
  • A flash report shall be submitted by our Inspector within 24 hours by e-mail to the designated Client Quality Engineer summarizing key activities that day copied to the Client Co-ordinator.
  • Reporting formats are given to the engineer, as per the client's format. The engineers are also given a login to our management application, where the inspector is required to update information, photographs, Documentation, Status on approval, issues and concerns, Details of testing/ instruments used, Timesheet/ details of work done, scanned copies of signed papers/ witnesses.
  • The client also has an option to get login to this application if client wishes to take advantage of this micromanagement tool. Client's admin can go through the project by inspector/ by project.
  • Prior to forwarding the reports to client, Lindinger Inspection Services Quality Manager will check & review reports for the below points,
    • Inspection reports for
      • Scope & Result of Inspection
      • Documentation approval status
      • Problems / areas of concern
      • Specific reference to the relevant Inspection & Test Plan stage
      • Details of testing & measuring instruments used
      • Details of work performed and acceptability to acceptance criteria
      • Photographs as the evidence of inspection performed.
      • Name of the inspector, signature/stamp, date
      • Scanned copies of witnessed/reviewed inspection reports
    • Expediting reports for
      • General Status of the P.O.(Engineering, Sub-orders, materials, manufacturing, shipment)
      • Status & Verification of Fabrication schedule & progress
      • Estimated & Actual delivery
      • On-site Progress with photographs.
      • Reason for delivery slippage with recovery plan( if any )
      • Name of the expeditor, signature, date
    • Release notes for
      • P.O. item number & quantity
      • Reason for conditionally acceptable
      • Name of the inspector, signature/stamp, date