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Lindinger provides experts specializing in expediting field who keep track of the deadlines, supervise progress on site and check whether the components are properly packed. Expediting services refers to all the activities necessary to make sure that the delivery date agreed with the client by the supplier is respected.

Expediting is very powerful management technique required in all major projects, because a delay caused by late delivery or lower quality will get very expensive and could lead to unsatisfied clients, thus the loss of a project. To save these unnecessary costs and minimize potential risks, the supplier and customer may agree on the use of a third party expediter.

The role of the expeditor is to supervise the construction operations and assist the supplier to identify delays that cannot be perceived by the people that are directly involved into the operation. A delay could be due to the following factors,

  • Information or approval requested by the client
  • Lack of actions from the supplier
  • Ambiguity of the specifications
  • Overloaded supplier
  • Lack of experience of the supplier for the specific production
  • Lack of materials to be used in the specific order
  • Sub-Order delays

The role of the expeditor is to verify the following fabrication phases/areas:
  • Supplier documentation
  • Project documentation
  • Materials availability
  • Sub-orders
  • Production & assembly
  • Work progress analysis
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Shipment